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Major disasters such as heavy rains, typhoons, and earthquakes occur every year in various parts of the country.
Even in Kagoshima Prefecture, disasters caused by localized heavy rains due to the occurrence of linear precipitation zones are occurring frequently. In order to protect yourself from disasters, it is necessary to take measures for safety and security on a daily basis.
This time, we will hold an exhibition of disaster prevention and mitigation measures products developed by each company so that local governments and residents can alleviate their concerns about disasters as much as possible.
We hope that many companies will participate in this exhibition and provide safety and security to local governments and residents.
Hiroshi Tanaka, Representative Director, Satsumasendai City Corporate Cooperation Council
(Representative Director of Okano Electronics Co., Ltd.)
事業協同組合薩摩川内市企業連携協議会 田中博
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