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Booth / layout



■ About booth discount

The secretariat will decide and contact the exhibitors.

* The venue layout is as shown below.

● Exhibitors cannot exchange the decided booths with each other.

● When applying for an exhibition, it is not possible to apply on the condition of the location of the booth.

■ About equipment

Company name plate, long desk (up to 2), chair (up to 2), acrylic plate (1)

The above will be prepared by the secretariat.

■ About power supply

Prepare 100V outlets (2 outlets) (* up to 200W).

Please note that there is no more power supply.

■ Weight restrictions on exhibited products, etc.

Up to 200 kg per booth



Install the booth back panel (3 sheets) and sleeve panel (1 sheet each).

Exhibition and negotiation spaces will be taped on the floor.

It cannot be displayed on the panel with nails or screws. Please use S-shaped hooks (rental available) and tapes.

It is not possible to attach the cutting sheet directly to the panel.

For the power supply, prepare two 100V outlets in each booth. It can handle up to 200W.

No additional electrical trunk line construction is possible.

The total weight of the exhibits is up to 200 kg per booth.

Please cure in advance so that the floor inside the venue will not be damaged or leaked.

Free Wi-Fi is available in the venue. However, the communication speed may decrease depending on the usage conditions.

Please note.

No fire is allowed inside the venue.・ Please prepare other necessary equipment (lights, white cloth, carpet, etc.) from each company.



​Booth diagram

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